We offer application development and software testing services. Application development can be for desktop environment or for web, or for mobile.

Web application development

e-Commerce web development & maintenance

We have now developed a specialty in e-Commerce web development. We use Content Management System (CMS) for e-Commerce web development. With use of e-Commerce CMS, we offer you development at comparatively reduced price than developing it from scratch. You may think that you yourselves can also use e-Commerce CMS, why to hire inCrust Software’s services? We know where the e-Commerce CMS needs to be tweaked and where it should not be tweaked. Since we have worked on numerous e-Commerce projects that are now live, we know the e-Commerce CMS inside out.

Only having e-Commerce web presence will not be enough for you to serve your clients. This is because your e-Commerce website involves payments from your customers to you. It also involves displaying correct information about your products. To take care of theses aspects, we also offer you maintenance of the e-Commerce web development we did for you.

You need not only come to us for getting the e-Commerce web development but can also come only for maintaining your existing e-Commerce presence.

Such maintenance may include things like bug fixing, customization, etc.

Website design, development & maintenance

Website design

Website design includes graphic design, interface design, using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We use different CMS like WordPress/Joomla. We are capable of doing lot of customization according to your requirements. With use of CMS, our service price is comparatively lower than developing websites from scratch through HTML coding.

Website maintenance

We do maintenance of websites we developed for you. We also do maintenance of websites, which you have got it developed from somebody else also.

Desktop application development & Maintenance

We can develop various desktop applications according to your requirements. For example, recently we developed Network Management Tool for one customer using .NET and SQL Server.

Software testing

We do software testing of applications we have developed or you got it developed from somebody else. At this moment, we are offering only manual testing service.